YOU LOGO Custom High-end Hotel Set

You can print your own logo from 5000 pieces.
€ 0,00 incl tax

1.taken in kind. There may be some color differences due to technical reasons.
2. Proofing and proofing time: We can provide customers with proofing services, but need to collect certain labor costs. In the future cooperation, if the large-scale production, the proofing fee can be returned to the buyer unconditionally; proofing time: about 5 days.
3. Mode of transportation and freight: Generally, domestic trade is land transportation, foreign trade is sea transportation; freight is according to contract agreement.
4, hotel-specific disposable supplies are available from stock, can be mixed batch, unlimited quantity
5, color, size, store logo, production according to customer requirements
6, each style of each variety can be produced according to customer requirements
7. If you are interested in my products, please contact me for more product information. We can produce products of various qualities.
8. In order to expand our business relationship, we strive for integrity and our mutual trust