CMT Hand Disinfection Alcohol Gel 1000 Ml Valve Cap 43480125 - CMT

CMT Hand Disinfection Alcoholgel 1000 Ml Klepdopje + Apart Pomp
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CMT Hand Disinfection alcohol gel 1000 ml valve cap 43480125 - CMT

CMT® Hand Disinfection Gel is an alcohol-based hand disinfection product to combat bacteria (excluding bacterial spores and mycobacteria), yeasts and fungi, for use without rinsing. CMT® Hand Disinfection Gel contains an extremely effective combination of the active ingredients ethanol and isopropanol. The added glycerine helps prevent chapped skin and gives the skin a soft and smooth feeling. CMT® Hand Disinfection Gel is approved by the CTGB under approval number 14623 N, in addition, the combination of active substances has been tested by an independent institute for safe use in the food sector.

Application of CMT disinfection alcohol gel

Industrial high-care zones; Food processing zone, Pharmaceutical industry, Catering and aircraft catering, Large kitchens and other institutions in the food sector, Veterinary practices, Wellness sector, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Hospitals and other care institutions, Dental practices, dental care, Use in home care situations. Medium is allowed for professional and non-professional use.

Use of CMT disinfection alcohol gel
Wash hands and nails thoroughly with soap and water beforehand. Dry the hands with paper towels. For hygienic hand disinfection, apply 4 ml CMT® Hand Disinfection Gel to clean and dry hands and massage in thoroughly, also moistening the fingertips, thumbs, nails and folds between the fingers. Keep hands moist for the entire 30 second exposure time. At the end of the exposure time, let the hands air-dry with your fingers spread until they have dried completely.

Properties of CMT disinfection alcohol gel

Fast exposure time and drying (30 sec), Does not contain added perfumes that can contaminate food, Glycerine as a care ingredient, Can be used before putting on gloves. (allow to air dry first), Easy to use, Suitable for CMT and medical dispensers.

Packaging: 1 pcs